Test Title Off Campus

wipro company interview :

Round 1(Apptitude+ Coding+ Essay)

1.Written test

3 types:

Aptitude ,Reasoning , English

Interest, Pipes & Cistern, Speed Distance & Time, Percentages, Ratio & Proportion, etc.

coding on some subject based related

essay topic like our daily life

Round 2(Business Discussion Round)

-Introduction – Better try to tell about yourself like about your academics,

internship, projects, (mainly final year projects), and your achievements, etc.

2-Final year project

3-Hobbies and family background

4-Strength and Weakness

5-Which is the best moment of your life?

6-Which is your mentor?

7- Where you want to see yourself after three years?



After these questions, he moved onto some HR discussions such as,

Bond at Wipro

Night Shifts





1.written test:

Grammatical, spoken English, and passage analysis.

Analytical, Mathematical reasoning.

Programming skills. (Data structures, C++, Java)

Technical knowledge. (Operating Systems, DBMS)


2.technical round:

subject based questions

3.managercl interview:


personal information what we are mentioned in resume (projects and experiences  problms facing in project




There are 3 steps:

Online AMCAT Test

Technical Interview

HR Interview


Online AMCAT Test: In the online test, there are 4 sections are there

 i.e. 7 Automata Fix question, English, Aptitude, Reasoning


Technical Interview:  If you cleared the online test then you got a mail for tr round.

 After that, they called you and confirmed the time slot of your TR.

 In the TR they mainly asked questions based on your resume.


Which language are you comfortable – I replied java

Questions related to OOPS concepts like polymorphism, Abstraction, Inheritance, Encapsulation(Approx 6 to 7 questions)

Question related to my training

Java Garbage collection

Finally Keyword

What is static in java and why do we use static keyword

One puzzle  related to  bullet and gun 

Where are you from

Family Background

Are you willing to relocate to Bangalore, Pune, etc

Any question



relocating, Shifts, locations, GovtId like passport, Aaadhar card, pan card, and some basic questions



Citius Tech Interview Experience

Written test



Logical questions only



1) Tell me about yourself

projects, extra curricular activities, achievements etc.

2) Since I had developed a Python Application which allows the users to send email without logging in.

His next question was what libraries did I use?

Can u make it without a library? Ans: No

3) What are ACID properties?

4) In my IBM project I had used Jquery and AJAX

He asked what all do you know about JQuery?

What all do you know about AJAX?


Round 2


HR+Tech Again I was the last one to be interviewed

This round was pretty chilled out

Tell me about your family background

Do you have a facebook account? – I said no then he asked explain working of browser (ye kaha se aagaya)

OSI Model

He gave me simple puzzle (Always think loud)

Explain normalization and denormalization

Why denormalize?

Explain ACID properties (phir se)

Do you have any offer from any other company?

Why citius

Do you have any questions for me

I asked how is the journey in citius tech for a fresher

he started explaining and went on for 7 mins

Interview ended at 8:50pm







(straight forward question) 

and hard question(Based on probability and permutations)

The rest of the sections are MCQs based on DBMS, Linux, Time Complexity, OS and CN.

MCQS are tough compared to coding questions.


Round 2(Technical Round)


Self Introduction

difference between vector, array and linked list. Then two coding problems and working code is required:


Round 3(Technical Round):


Which data structures are used in lift algorithm

projects related to lift.

write the optimal code for triplet sum is equal to zero (with sort and without sort ).


Round 4(Technical Round):

on Graphs.

to find out the minimum distance between a node

to remaining nodes which has negative edges( i.e. Bellman ford Algorithm)







Round 1 (Online Coding Round)


ROUND 2:Technical round