Collegepond GRE Coaching in Hyderabad: The Best Way to Crack Your GRE!


The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS). It is considered as a graduate-level admission requirement by many universities across the world. It is accepted by almost all institutes across the globe as it provides them with a comprehensive evaluation of students on key skills. The GRE is considered as a benchmark to evaluate applicants from across the world and assess their verbal reasoning skills, quantitative reasoning skills, critical thinking, and analytical skills. The GRE is divided into three core sections, Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning.

With universal acceptance for the GRE, it is an essential step for every study abroad aspirant to take the GRE and secure a score that is in correspondence to the minimum requirement as prescribed by the universities. With such high stakes, students are often overwhelmed by the exam and are unclear about how to approach test preparation. In order to help you secure that stellar GRE score as a gateway to your dream school admit, Collegepond works in a systematic and milestone-driven approach to get you your desired outcome through our GRE coaching.Our expert faculty at Collegepond


, have designed intensive courses which consist of study resources, a modular approach in tackling the GRE syllabus, and periodic assessments to help you monitor your progress that guarantees you the path of success. Our highly qualified and experienced faculty add value to your preparations by leveraging time-tested tips and hacks to provide you training on solving even the most difficult quant questions in a doable manner. With personalized doubt-solving sessions, you can get your queries resolved on a real-time basis, unlike any other GRE classes in Hyderabad.

Collegepond GRE Coaching is offered through both the online GRE coaching and offline GRE coaching medium, with both designed to ensure the students reap maximum benefit. Our online GRE classes optimally leverage the virtual platform to ensure that the student receives a complete coaching package that can help you crack your GRE! Expert faculty, unique approach to the GRE syllabus, rigorous mock practice tests, live lecture series, personalized doubt-solving sessions, customized study plans, and more are some of the distinct features of Collegepond GRE Coaching experience in Hyderabad that have allowed our students to achieve outstanding results on their final GRE exam. Our students have been able to translate our systematic inputs into outstanding scores, with the highest being 340/340 and a median overall improvement in scores being an astonishing 18.5 points! Collegepond invites you to make the best use of this opportunity and join our GRE coaching in Hyderabad to translate your collegiate dream into reality!

Services We Offer


Collegepond’s consistent approach to GRE Coaching in Hyderabad has helped students achieve exceptional scores. We identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses and, accordingly, develop a plan of action for them. Through a novel curriculum, experienced faculty, interactive lectures and small-sized batches, our GRE Classes in Hyderabad and other cities in India ensure that individual attention is paid to every student.

Apart from in-class trainings, the Collegepond GRE app serves as a comprehensive digital resource at your fingertips while offering convenience and flexibility to learn and practice at your own pace.  An integral part of our in-class GRE Coaching program is administering mock tests that simulate the actual GRE environment, helping students prepare and face the exam with confidence.

90% of our students got their desired results in their GRE exam with an average improvement of 15.45 points in GRE. 85% of our student got above 160 in the Quants Section and 98% got above 150 in the verbal section of GRE.

In-Class Training in Hyderabad


This program is well suited for individuals who have not scored well in the diagnostic exam or are looking to score above a 325.


The 200 Hours Study Plan: At Collegepond, we have a 200-hours study plan to help students sharpen their concepts. Following is the breakdown of how the plan is structured:

60 Hours of Personalized Coaching

Our emphasis on personalized teaching, which is conducted in compact batches, allows us to give individual attention to every student.

20 Hours of Doubt Solving Sessions

We provide our students with one-on-one sessions to help resolve their doubts and queries and work on their weak areas , thereby helping them achieve excellence.

40 Hours of Supervised Mock Tests

It is our endeavor to offer continuous feedback to our students concerning their progress. Therefore, we constantly assess and monitor our students’ performance by providing them with topic-wise mock tests and exercises. This forms an essential part of our coaching methodology.

80 Hours of Independent Study

As competitive examinations demand continuous practice, we make the journey easy through daily assignments and weekly tasks. With this approach, students are able to not only broaden their knowledge but also develop their confidence.

How Important Are The Test Scores?


If you are planning to pursue your MS abroad in the near future, you will be required to take the GRE exam. The importance of these scores varies from one university to another. Incidentally, different graduate schools have different requirements when it comes to GRE scores. For some schools, it is the first hurdle you have to get past in order for them to even look at your application. For example, some universities may say, “If you do not get above 320 then we do not look at your application!” Other schools may use it as a tie-breaker at the end of the admissions process to separate you from other similar applicants. Most schools, however, will plug your GRE scores into a formula that analyse different parts of your application. They might give more credence to the Quant score than your Verbal score, or may consider your overall score and give not much consideration to the individual section score, etc. Nonetheless, aiming for a good score needs to be your goal to get into the top universities.